Find the image if not found then break

I have the whole browser automation process is running by a macro , The problem is that some bad popup alert images can happen in between. So I want to add a function in between the workflow like if an image found then "stop the current macro" ELSE continue running further steps.
How can I achieve this?

Have you tried installing a popup blocker extension? Might be the simplest solution.

No, It won't work in my case.

Please post your macro. Hard to know how to help without more specifics.

I have a macro that posts to MeWe, which, once a day, pops up a 2-screen-tall subscription request. I have an If action that says, if found image (part of the popup), Page Down, click at found image (close). I have that with the Timeout Aborts Macro disabled. Then, if the popup is encountered, it's cleared and the macro continues; if the popup doesn't appear, the macro continues.

How id you use continue with that if condition?

Use an If/Else looking for part of the popup, if found, page down and click found image to dismiss it; else, do nothing. You don't have to put something in both parts of an If/Else.

Thank you. got it.