Finder: Cut and Paste [SOLVED]

I'm aware that I can move a file/folder in Finder by copying it and then using ALT+CMD+V to paste it and remove it from the original location, but using CMD+X is a shortcut available in pretty much all applications and I would like to use it the same way for "continuity" purposes...

My goal is to use CMD+X to trigger a macro that starts with a Keystroke CMD+C then it pauses until I hit CMD+V. Once I hit CMD+V it activates the last action: ALT+CMD+V keystroke.

Using the Pause Until doesn't seem to have the option to wait for a combination of keys. Any other option?

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Support CUT Files too?

Finder doesn't support CUT Files, so you should check whether Finder is the frontmost app first, then decide what exactly you want to do: CUT and Paste or COPY and Paste.

Write down a reasonable logic using OmniGraffle or something else, you will find it is complicated.

Is it worth to monitor every keystroke to do this?

It depends on what you mean by "CUT"...
It supports "MOVE", which ends up being the same thing. Sure, the file remains there until you Paste it using that shortcut ALT+CMD+V so to me I call it "CUT".

If that means that I use CMD+X and then CMD+V to move a file/folder to another place, yes, it's worth it

Thanks. I always forget that those keys are not considered "keys", but "modifiers". Need to get used to that...

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Ok here's what I created and it's working for me:

Finder Macros - Cut and Paste
Finder Macros.kmmacros (6.9 KB)

Can someone test it and see if it works?

The logic is incomplete.

I updated the macro. For some reason, when I exported them, I accidentally deleted the keystroke ⌘ + C
Go figure... Can you try the new one?

I have to say I'm wary of doing this at all as it creates a fair amount of unnecessary complication and potential for clipboard confusion. There's a reason they got rid of Cut in the Finder, which is that if you cut File A and then accidentally copy File B you would lose File A. This won't happen with your macro of course, but I'm sure you can imagine the potential for other types of mishap.

It works, congratulation!

One person's trash is another's treasure.

I prefer to use the default keyboard shortcuts of macOS and rather extend than modify it. :wink:

Agree! Copy is safer than Cut.

What @iamdannywyatt done is add a decorator(Python :laughing:) for CMD+C.

It's the cmd-V bit that tips the scales towards avoidance for me. At the very least, both hitting cmd-C and leaving the Finder should cancel.

This can be achieved very simply in Finder with this Macro:

Cut in Finder.kmmacros (13.3 KB)


Someone made a stand alone app for this