Finder Icon Copy and Paste

Copying and pasting icons in the Finder is a tedious process. These three macros take care of most of the tedium.

  • Copy Icon of Selected Item to the Clipboard
  • Paste Icon on Clipboard to Icon of Selected Item
  • Replace Icon of Previous Window's Selection with Icon of the Front Window's Selection

They load into a group called Finder Icon Copy and Paste. The group is setup to activate a palette in response to ⌥⌘I. If you are working with a lot of icons in a short period, you might want to bind keystrokes to the macro and turn off the palette.

Finder Icon Copy and Paste (1.0 MB)


great set of macros. thanks.

New version — no change in behavior, just reworking of comments and fixing the group's icon.

Finder Icon Copy and Paste 1.1.kmmacros (159 KB)

New version: removed Description macro from menu.

Finder Icon Copy and Paste.kmmacros (159 KB)