Finding and Clicking on Multiple Images

Newbie question: I have a window that may have 0-to-many checkmarks in it. I would like a macro click on all of the checkmarks that exist.

I see that there is a Found Image Collection, but I am not quite sure how to fill it with all of the instances of the checkmark image and then have each one clicked on. Or is that even the right way to think about this?

Thank you for any guidance!

Use the For Each action and the Found Images collection.

As described:

The result, stored in the For Each action variable is the rectangle containing the match followed by the fuzz of the match (0-100), ie, (left,top,width,height,fuzz).

So within the For loop, you can have Click Mouse action, which clicks at an appropriate place using the For index variable. For example, if the variable you use in the For Each action is Position, then the mouse click could happen at


Something like this:


Thank you so much!
That is amazingly perfect!

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