Finding the Macro In the List to edit

Currently, in the Keyboard Maestro Editor, if I type a key, it will scroll to the closest macro name in the list. Nice.

Q: Rather than the above method, is it possible to somehow search for a macro by typing the hotkey that it is set to? This could be helpful since I often don't remember the macro name but I do remember the hotkey triggers...

Thanks – Dave

Hi, @dealtek. There are a variety of methods, but one approach is to create a Smart Group, trigger the macro, and then view the contents of the Smart Group.

Another is to trigger the macro and use View > Select Macro > Last Used:

There is a little program called KeyCue that resides in the right menu bar. It will display all your hotkeys for every macro you have and it does so much more. Not sure if this will help you, but I use it all the time.

I believe you can type in the search field
t:(trigger key) - no parens……

OK Great - Thanks everybody for these good suggestions!

These all work GREAT - THANKS SO MUCH!

Is this what you mentioned?

Yes that's it. I hold down the option key for 2 seconds and my screen fills with a list of my macro HK's.

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Great - thanks

Interesting. Too bad it costs nearly half what KM costs.