Finding the most recently added in multiple folders on Desktop?

Is there a way to use the "For each in collections/for each path" to search multiple folders?

Example: I have a macro that saves a file in a folder on the desktop. The folder is created by the user so it may be different each time. I can use the ~/Desktop to search by date added however it only finds files on the desktop and does find in folders.

Screen Shot 2020-05-01 at 10.55.09 PM

I basicly want to have the macro find the last saved file in any folder on the desktop, rename, and move it to another location.

Can this be done?

You are on the right track. The KM UI is misleading in this case.

@peternlewis, please accept this as a change request. The wording "files" is very misleading.

You just need to add a IF/THEN Action:


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Thank you so much for your help - works great!

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