Fine-Tune Volume Control

With the latest OS's, it's possible to fine-tune system volume with shift-option-volume key (f11/f12) which increases and decreases volume in one-quarter increments. Because I use my f keys to trigger macros and have to hold the fn key down to get the f keys to function "normally" (the way Apple intended), to get the incremental volume control, I have to hold down function-shift-option-volume key (f11/f12). Is there a way to remap this key combination to something else (something less cumbersome)? (I have Paula, but obviously it's even more cumbersome to toggle the f keys back to Apple functionality to avoid having to hold the fn key when I want to fine-tune the volume with keys.) Maybe I'm overlooking something obvious, or asking too much, but thought I'd ask. Thanks!

Hey Bob,

Keyboard Maestro can’t see the fn key.

It’s possible that Karabiner can though.


I tried Karabiner . . . no go. But thanks!