Fire KM script when screen resolution changes

Is there a way to fire a KM macro, if I switch my screen to a different resolution? If so, how do I set this up?

I use Resolutionator and SwitchResX and have the need to constantly switch my resolution between different sizes on conference call, when I present.

Thanks in advance for all the inputs.

Have you tried assigning a hotkey in SwitchResX to the display sets you want to use?
See SwitchResX - Display Sets

Thanks, JMichaelTX - my problem is not triggering the switch (I do have hotkeys assigned), but how do I get KM to recognize that the resolution has changed, and thus fire a script (one for each resolution would be ideal, but I could also just use one which checks the resolution)?

What do you what the KM macro to do?

You could have KM issue the shortcut that changes the SwitchResX resolution, and then do whatever else you want.

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That’s a great idea - let me run with that, esp. since the sequencing in the script is not time-sensitive (basically, shutdown and restart a number of services)