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HI all, new to KBM here. I have made a script that searches for selected text in google scholar using chrome. But because of some useful add ins in firefox I want to perform the same action in Firefox, but I don’t have an actions folder for Firefox (like I do with Safari and Chrome) for things like open url and wait x-seconds to load. Does a set of Firefox actions exist for download? Im happy to try to find a work around if not, but thought I’d check before sinking time into alternative approaches.


I remember to have read that Firefox does not have AppleScript support, so @peternlewis can not add actions for it as with Safari and Chrome.

So you need some work arounds.

As in regards to open url in Firefox, then the Open URL action works:

For wait to load you could find something on screen which is present when the page is loaded.
Like the Refresh button.
And then use the action Pause until screen contains.
Do this does not always work with some sites, which keeps loading afterwards.

When I’ve talked in previous threads about bookmarklets I wonder if @peternlewis could add function that might make that simpler. Perhaps a “run bookmarklet in” that takes a payload of text and URL encodes it and then fires it into the browser’s URL bar.

That still leaves the difficulty of writing the bookmarklet, but this would be a good start.

Just a thought.

You should be able to do this yourself with the Open URL action maybe.
Set Variable to your bookmarklet code.
Filter Variable to URL Encode.
Open Variable with Open URL in Firefox

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Good point: I hadn’t had my coffee. :slight_smile:

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Thanks guys, answered my question and provided a work round! I should be able to manage from here…