First Sonoma bug out of the gate?

(Because of course I installed Sonoma without waiting for others to do the β-work me.)

I use macros to manage tab-sets in both Safari and Chrome. Since Sonoma, the Safari version stopped working. I tracked it down to a menu action: As soon as I trigger File → New Window the macro opens the new window just fine..and then aborts. The next action is never triggered.

But if I change the command to "⌘N" then it works again.

@peternlewis I don't think this is a KBM issue..everything was fine before Sonoma.. I just wanted to warn folks.


I had a report of another application where selecting the menu worked but then aborted the macro. My guess is that there is some sort of issue in Sonoma where sometimes the menu accessibility API does the select menu successfully and then returns an error anyway. Turning off the Notify and Report of errors for the Select a Menu Item action should likely resolve it.

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Indeed, that fixes it. Thanks Peter!

This didn't work for me in a macro with an "if menu item with name exists" conditional, then select menu item. (In Sonoma, of course.)

I'm trying to expose the Apple Message->Move to-> mailbox list so that I can then type to select the destination mailbox from a very long menu of mailboxes. The macro is a single action, Show menu, with the Messages menu and Move to submenu specified.

This was working well in macOS Ventura. Upgraded to Sonoma today, and it isn't working any longer and shows the error -5620, "menu selection failed to pick menu"


Turning off "Notify on Failure" for the Show Menu action doesn't fix this issue for me. It only turns of the notification, and the menu doesn't display.

Yes, unfortunately that solution will only work with the Select Menu Item, not the Show Menu variant.

You could try the Show Menu action to show the Messages menu, see if that works, and if so then use type ahead and arrows to show the Move to menu.

Thanks for clarifying. I wasn't able to use "type ahead" (Enter text by typing?) for either the sub-menu selection or arrowing over to another sub-menu. I was able to use absolute mouse movements, and these menu positions don't seem to change, so that's working for now, with a bit more flashing and delay, but totally workable.