Fixing Apps that don't work with OS X text to speech api

My macro copies highlighted text and reads it out.

I'm using this for apps that don't work with Apple's TTS API. It works.

How do I get it to work with the system wide shortcut key I've assigned ⎋+⌘ . Right now what happens if I change the shortcut to ⎋+⌘ it reads the copied text and at the same time does the behaviour I don't want like reading out the file name.

If two applications (in this case, Keyboard Maestro and the system TTS stuff) register for the same hot key, the key is swallowed and both applications are notified of the hot key press.

So what you want to do will not work.

You could turn off the system TTS, and use only Keyboard Maestro.

Or you could put the macro in a macro group that is active only in certain applications (or everywhere except certain applications) and add applications to the list as necessary when you ascertain whether they do or do not support the system method.

Thanx Peter!