Flic Button to put mac to sleep and put Philips Hue lights off

Hey there!

I want to create a macro that I can use for my flic button, the idea is to send my iMac to sleep and put my desk lights (Phillip Hue lights) off - The first part is easy but how can I connect my hue lights with Maestro? Should I try with a python script? I found some sources on the web, but it seems complicated to set it up. Any other ideas?

You need to find out how can you control the Hue lights from your Mac. Then Keyboard Maestro can control that process.

If there is a Python script to do it, then use that, and execute the script from Keyboard Maestro.

Unfortunately, all the Home Automation stuff is likely to “complicated to set up”.

If I end up getting a flic button, I’ll write one. It would come in handy with the excessive amount of hue bulbs I have seemed to acquire.

A Python library for the Philips Hue system:
pHue on Github

I know this topic is a little old now, but it’s one of the only threads mentioning hue in the forum.