Flow not working and I am stuck

Every time I open KM I feel like I'm in a jungle. The forums here are fortunate as they are a life saver.

So I am doing a simple flow now and stuck already.
I have a spreadsheet-like table (Airtable), from here I need to navigate to the last column (CMD + right arrow ). Then I need to copy that highlighted cell (Copy). The cell contains URLs links to images, each on a separate line. That is passed to the next step Automator app.

The last step I want KM flow to launch an Automator app to download the images.

The last step works (Automator flow). Some suggest avoid using Automator, but since I am unable to craft anything useful and working with KM, I am pretty much happy I got the Automator flow working.

The issue:

The problem is the copy or type keystroke steps stop the flow. It's weird because if I disable either of them, the rest of the flow works, that is Automator app gets launched fine.

What is wrong?

I can't execute the flow because the flow seems stop at the 2nd step (Copy step).

If I disable the 2nd step (Copy), the flow works. If I disable the 1st step (keystroke CMD+Arrow_right), the flow also works.

Doesn't make much sense to me. I tried experimenting with adding delay step or pause step but no luck (though I don't know the difference between them either..)

Here are pics:

So if one of the steps is disabled the flow works fine. :confused:

For information... here is my Automator flow (this works).


I'm not sure if I can help, but there is a chance that there is a timing issue. Sometimes if you slow KM down a bit, it will fix these issues. Try putting this at the top of your KM macro and see if it works correctly.


If this fixes the issue, we can find the problem and avoid too much "delay". If it doesn't fix the issue, the problem is elsewhere.

Another idea is to turn on the debugger while there is a 0.5 delay between actions, and you may see where the macro is stopping.

Another idea is to open the Engine.log file and see if there's an error message.

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Yah, weird.

Added the delay but still same issue..

By the way, do I put the Delay step only once at the top of the flow? That's what I have done.


Same issue remains.

I looked at the log:

2023-11-23 23:25:42 Running application query took a while (8523 us)
2023-11-23 23:25:49 Execute macro “Download URLs” from trigger The Hot Key ⌘Y is pressed
2023-11-23 23:26:05 Action 4985 timeout exceeded. Macro “Download URLs” cancelled (while executing Copy).

The log doesn't say anything I already don't know. It hangs on the Copy step, but why. if I disable the step before Copy step, then Copy step works fine. The Copy step only doesn't work if the previous step is enabled. That's weird.

I added the debugging start action at the beginning. When I run the flow, the debugging panel doesn't show much that I already don't know.., but there is one thing I noticed, the debugger doesn't show it is running the last step, opening Automator application.

The Automator app opens up if one of the previous steps are disabled.


The Copy action will do:

  • Type Command-C
  • Wait for the clipboard to change

The type Command-Right Arrow will do that, so it will never wait.

The Activate URL Download will launch/activate it, and then wait for it to come to the front. Is that your workflow? Saved as an application? It's possible it is never considered to be the front application which could be an issue for you.

The Macro Debugger will show you if it is waiting for the Copy step or any other step. If you insert a Debugger Breakpoint This Macro action, then it will show next action to be run (or the action that is currently running if it you are stepping over it and it is running).

Of course, because you didn't add the delay action correctly. Please check my delay action, it says "Between actions delay" while you inserted a "simulate normal keystroke" delay. These are completely different things. So your test was not valid.

KM actions have so much power and so many options that you have to read every word in them to ensure that you are doing it correctly.

Indeed, it's sensitive to configure it correctly. I resolved this by abandoning it. I lost my nerve on this.

Decided to move one of that CMD+RightArrow steps to Browserflow Chrome extension instead which I am using anyhow for the steps that follow anyhow, so it is actually better fit there.

The browser automation tools are easier to configure because they are made for web-page interaction.

So I keep the KM flow for the Copy step and for running the Automator app.

Thanks for your help. Will look at KM again when I have a quiet time. I always wanted to learn to use KM but it's like a said a jungle for me.

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