FN modifier keys auto-switcher

Can you please check if it's possible to add auto switching for F1....F12 from standard to function keys?
For example I use MS Excel at my Mac. And it'll be great to configure when App activates - switch keys for me. When it's hidden - switch back.

So I can edit cell with F2, update and calalc with F4, F5 and so on


bool=$(defaults read NSGlobalDomain "com.apple.keyboard.fnState")
defaults write NSGlobalDomain "com.apple.keyboard.fnState" $(( 1 - $bool ))

system version: 10.13.6


Maybe the free App Flour is an alternative for you @_Book_Nerd & @CJK?

I use it to switch between fn and standard keys. My advantage is that I define this for each app individually.

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You can define it for each app individually (or group apps collectively) using Keyboard Maestro too. So I don't see the advantage of using an additional piece of third-party software. It does look very pretty, though, which is nice. That's one feature of KM I do lament over sometimes.

But thank you for the recommendation. It's always nice to hear what others are using, and be introduced to different options.