Focused Window Change Options MISSING

Back to using Dan Thomas' "Sticky Palettes" Plug-In Sticky Palettes! They move when you do! only I can't locate the "Change Window Focus" conditions options within the "If Then Else" Action.

Have they been removed, are located somewhere else, or am I missing something obvious?

"Change Window Focus" is a Trigger, not a Condition.

Window-related conditions are mainly title-based, but you can make your own (size, poison, etc) with Calculation conditions. What are you trying to do?

I'm using Dan's plug-in 'Sticky Palettes' to move a palette of macros when I move a Finder window. Just having the Sticky Palettes' plug-in fire when I activate Finder isn't enough as I sometimes move the window after activating Finder. This is where a trigger by the change in the focused window might help.

But I think the example in Dan's post -- the "Snap Mail Palette" macro -- shows you how to do that. It's the middle trigger -- "the focused window's frame changed" -- which triggers on both resizing the window and moving it.

Post the macro you are using to trigger the "Snap..." actions so people can see and/or test it.

Here's showing conditions of window existing states or window title options but no window focus states.

Sticky Palette Macro (v10.2)

Sticky Palette.kmmacros (4.4 KB)

Because it's a trigger, not a condition. It's "This macro runs when the window changes", not "This macro runs and if the window has changed then...".

You have no triggers in yours at all

Screen shot of the image from Dan's post:

You just change "This application" to be Finder rather than Mail.

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Thanks, @Nige_S. I knew I was missing something basic. I stopped distinguishing trigger from action and kept looking for trigger options within the actions of the macro. Thank you for taking the time that gave me the space to bring that distinction back!

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