'Focused window' trigger gets triggered upon group activation


Here's a macro, with a Focused Window Trigger (The focused window title changes), that gets triggered immediately whenever I activate the macro group. To me this does not seem like the expected behaviour. But is this a feature or a bug?

My desired behaviour would be for the macro first being triggered upon first window changing after the macro group is activated. Like how the behaviour is when using Application Trigger (Any Application Activates) for a macro in a similarly set macro group.

Macro with Focused Window Title Changes trigger.kmmacros (1.7 KB)

That's really strange—I wouldn't think it should, but it definitely triggers on group activation. I displayed the front window title in the macro, and it represented what I was seeing as the (unchanged) frontmost window. @peternlewis will probably have to chime in here...


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Thank you for checking it out, and for confirming that it is not only for me that something strange is going on here. Curious to hear what Peter will make of these observations

I'll look in to it.

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This should be resolved for the next version.