Focusing on a textfield

Hello dear Forum Members,
i had yesterday a similar Question, with help i was able to solve it. Today i have a very similar problem, however my approach of yester doesn't seem to work.

I want to focus on a textbox on the website Version of Refinitiv Eikon web.
The Searchbar looks like the following:
CleanShot 2024-02-02 at 16.30.40@2x

The Corresponding Code is:
input id="autoSuggest" type="text" autocomplete="off" class="nova-textbox nova-autosuggest" placeholder="Search" style="width: calc(100% - 115px);" value=""

When i right click on it and choose focus, i am able to write in the Searchbar.

So i tried the following code, but it didn't work:

i also tried:
document.querySelector('[ id="autoSuggest" ]').focus()

but failed.
i would appreciate help. Thanks!

Try the Focus Front Browser Field action.

But if the code document.getElementById('autoSuggest').focus(); does not work, it's possible there are frames involved or other things going on with your web page.

Thank for the answer. As you said it didnt work, i guess it is the case like you said.
However i noticed somethoing odd in the settings. My browser arc doesnt have the requirements in the preference and i wonder why that is the case. However the code didnt work in Chrome where i dont have the Setting issues.
CleanShot 2024-02-04 at 22.59.24

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I'm not really sure what you are asking.

Is Arc a Chrome-like browser? If not, it wont work anyway. If so, the above is telling you that Keyboard Maestro does not have Automation system permissions control of Arc.

Arc is a standalone browser, not based on WebKit or Chrome, so it probably won't work.