Folder Trigger Inside Google Drive Not Working

Hi, I have keyboard maestro running quite a lot of automation and logging on files arriving via folders inside Google Drive. The macros are triggered by This folder adds an item trigger. However I seem to run into trouble when these gDrive folders are shared with others. Is this a known problem and is there a way of bypassing it?


Which Google Drive app are you using?

Backup and Sync, is there more than one possibility?

Hi, I have to revive this thread after Google discontinued the Backup and Sync app. In the new Google Drive app, all folders shared or not does not trigger the KM Adds an Item folder action. This is a huge problem for me as I built a big system around this interaction. Does anyone have any idea if there is a fix? Or could another folder trigger be programmed with a script?

Skjermbilde 2021-11-06 kl. 10.11.06

Any help would be highly appreciated! As I'm actually in a bit of trouble now with a system not working.


Hey Trond,

I just tested with Google Drive 52.0 on Mojave, and Keyboard Maestro was able to see items added to a given folder both locally and remotely.

This is a very small test sample of course...


Thanks for checking Chris! I’m a bit behind on the OS so I will try to upgrade to Mojave and see if that works!


What version of Keyboard Maestro are you using?

I'm using the new Keyboard Maestro v10.0.

I will upgrade that too! Bought a new license the other day, that is always a no-brainer :slight_smile:

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Still doesn't work unfortunately! I was on Mojave, but installed a security upgrade as well as KM 10. On the backup and sync app the issue seemed to stem from the fact that the shared folders had a Icon? file inside changing the icon of the folder. If I remove the Icon? file even on the new version, KM will run immediately and move the file as intended. My theory is that this change of Icon makes KM not look at it as a folder. But removing the Icon? file and remotely uploading a file to the folder doesn't trigger it either.


Hey Trond,

You're best bet for help with this is to compose a simple as possible test-case macro and post it, so others can test.

You an also ask for support from Peter directly:

Contact Keyboard Maestro Support


Yes I know! Thank you for your time Chris, I guess the hard factor here is the fact that it only happens when the file is added remotely either through the app or in my case a file drop on a website. I will message Peter and then also look at doing the work directly on my server.

Again much appreciated :pray:

Does the file download to your device when it is added remotely? Some cloud storage apps these days only download files on demand. Usually the folder has an option to have it “always stored on device” that helps in this case.

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Hi Vincent, yes the folder is set to always download, so it is on the device. However the new Google drive file structure is different than the old one so I think its some kind of pointer to the actual file, which might be some of the issue.

But thanks alot for the suggestion :slight_smile:

I think not.

I actually tested this yesterday, and it worked.

So the big question is why didn't it work for you when it did it work for me?