Folder Trigger Running Twice on Download Issue

I've have already implemented the semaphore lock / unlock to fix one of the issue with my macro but it is still running twice every time I download a new file. I don't know what is happening!

Here is a screen shot of the debug console when I hit download from slack but this also happens when downloading from chrome:

Here is the macro that I have made that is giving me problems!

Fallback File Organizer.kmmacros (10.0 KB)

A Semaphore lock will simply cause the macro to run to completion before the next instance is allowed to continue. So the if macro is triggered twice, it will still be run twice.

If you set the timeout on the Semaphore Lock to essentially 0 (1 hundredth of a second), then the second instance will immediately abort and the first instance will run to completion (any other triggers in that time would also abort).