For a Finder window, copy each folder's name and paste it in Final Cut

Hi, I'm kinda clueless how to do this. I have 55 days of video footage and need to make each one a new Event in Final Cut Pro.

I need this:

  • from active Finder window (the root of the footage drive, with each day as a subfolder), copy a subfolder name into clipboard
  • switch to FCPX, create new Event with opt-n, paste clipboard
  • switch back to Finder and continue with the next folder until the end

If at all possible, I'd also like to import each folder's content into appropriate Event in FCPX, but that's optional.

(for those who know FCPX, I know it can import folder names as keywords, but it can NOT use folders as Events. I need each day to be its separate Event).

Any tips? Thanks!

EDIT: done this simply with repeating "press return, press cmd-c, switch to FCPX, press opt-n" etc macro. New question is, how can I script something so it waits for an action to be carried out? Meaning, I would love KM to actually import footage into each Event but wait for the UI to be ready again. That would entail mouse dragging from each Finder folder to its appropriate Event, and also pressing Enter if a warning appears. That's probably ragther difficult, right? FCPX also has a Go to command same as Finder (cmd-shift-g) which could open each folder's path and import its contents.

Check out 'Pause Until Action' in the KM Wiki.

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Thank you, will look into it. In the meantime, I stumbled upon a related issue (I wanted to start a new thread but as a newcomer, I'm not allowed to):

Mouse "drag to" does work as expected in Finder for example, but when I want to drag from Finder to Final Cut Pro X, it doesn't work. Cursor moves but the item is not being dragged. Any tips?

I'm trying to drag the big icon from the Preview pane (as that's the least error-prone way) to the "Import media" area in FCPX. I see the cursor moving to and from correct places but nothing is being drag-n-dropped.

This is the macro: