Foreach Order by?


I'm not posting a macro for this particular post b/c it's more of a general question. I have been using the Foreach macro successfully but it just recently occurred to me when I was performing a task that a particular file wasn't getting picked up for a process that typically runs without any issues. When I debugged I realized that it was b/c the file was in this particular case wasn't listed as the first in the list of files that the foreach macro found.

So my question is quite simply, is there a built in ability for the foreach macros to tell it to order the iteration by filename or etc.?

I know way to work around it and the scenario for which this occurs is extremely rare but was just wondering.


It depends what the For Each is iterating through. If it is "Folder Contents Collection" then yes, that is built in:

Thank you @Zabobon Somehow I never even thought of exploring those options.
Guess this is my classic example of what it means of not seeing the forest for the trees :slightly_smiling_face:

Much appreciated.