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I write short cue cards on a background that needs to be a different color on each label. I spend a minute, at least, to come up with a readable foreground color— white on black, red on black, white on purple, something like that. Is there a chance that Keyboard Maestro can "see" the background and suggest the foreground color (I use Word 365) to automate this—one key treat? If not, does anyone know of an app [for Mac] that can do this trick? Any response is a generous lesson for which I'll be grateful.

You could use an online random color generator [1], [2]

A hacky way: you could generate a list of colors, and create a background color image and place it in your clipboard:

Convert #hex code to image - OSX create image SVG PNG Clipboard.kmmacros (4.1 KB)
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Thank you, looking at the codes and steps you have shown means some precious time you've spent on my inquiry. Thank you. Continue being a novice on KM I need to figure how to assign a keyboard combo to call it! The two sites you introduced show random colors. Now, if bg color is black, that's easy: white will be contrasting fg. If the background color is cyan, how do I get a color for the fg font which produces best contrast and therefore, easy to read. Neither of the sites has this feature (the unique color of the fg color against the background screen. If you don't mind repeating myself, thank you; I'll be in your debt.

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If you google “colour contrast” you’ll get a bunch of sites that’ll pick contrasting colours for you. I know it’s nothing to do with KM but I hope it might help you a bit until you work something out with KM.

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Thank you. tiffle! I did for quite some time before asking KM's forum. I had bought two apps (Color Contrast Analyzer [CCA] & Kelir Pro) from Apple's apps. Neither seems to solve this simple need. If bg is xx the fg (font color) be yy. It's been frustrating. Thank you, again!

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Oh, okay! I use the sip app myself and it does do contrast:

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this tool checks contrast, and if colors are not accesible, it suggests contrasting colors:


Feels good to know friends abound! I'll be working on tanaguru right away. Thank you.


I visited the site and saw the 15-day grace period. I downloaded it. I wouldn't know about it otherwise. Great!

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