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Question: Why “horrible”?

I just glanced at Discourse forum about summaries.
Optional on user click, is that correct?

Since it will arrive here eventually, what makes it horrible?

Thoughts, please.

See this thread:

Unfortunately, the goal of the Discourse folks seems to be to entice people back, whereas I use this facility (with the three other Discourse forums I use - meta, rachio and letsencrypt) as a way of keeping up with the forum.

Theses two completely different uses mean the results are unlikely to be to my taste.

So, if I understand it correctly, this change in 1.7 affects only emails sent to users who have not been online in a while, correct? IAC, it affects only email.

Are there any changes that adversely affect the online appearance/function/UI?

Correct. It is the summary email. The one they use to “entice people back”.

No idea. Probably some good changes (I think triple clicking the last line allows quoted reply in 1.7). Possibly some annoying ones. The Discourse folks definitely have their own ideas about things (which is generally a good thing - the same would definitely said about me and Keyboard Maestro!).


I’ve been implementing Discourse myself on a small site, due in part to my positive experiences here. Since I wasn’t going live till February, I started out with 1.7 betas.

The summary email enticement messages are optional at both a user-preference level:

and also a site-wide leve:


It is not “not wanting the summaries” that is the problem. It is the change from the nice condensed summary emails to ones full of empty space and pointless icons that I dislike.

I want the summaries, I just prefer the old style.

Anyway, we’ll be getting the new style here shortly when I update to 1.7 in the next week or so.

Agreed. Nearly unusable garbage. Discourse’s devs should be ashamed.


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But I have learned that the co-founder of Discourse does not tolerate any differences of opinion with him. He seems totally unable to view things from the perspective of others who don’t think like he does.

Oh well. Discourse is much better that most other forum software I have used, so I suppose we’ll just have to suffer the small stuff to enjoy its benefits. :wink:


I see. I hadn’t seen the earlier summaries, so wasn’t aware that they had been useful. I agree that the summaries in 1.7 are of dubious value.

And, yes, from what I’ve seen of the Discourse meta forum, @JMichaelTX, you’re spot on viz. J.A.

I’m not regretting the last month I spent implementing it, however. My little group has been on Google Groups, Posterous, Minigroup, and (with great difficulty) a private blogging site. Discourse really solves all of our problems, and I can live with its quirks.

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@peternlewis, I look forward to 1.7 here, as I’ll be able to use the Discourse iOS app for this forum. It’s just a WebKit wrapper, really, but I’m enjoying having all my Discourse fora in one place.

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