Found Image Is Not Working

Hello, Before making a macro with KM, I made a program that sounds yes if it finds an image and no if it doesn't find it.

However, despite the existing image, KM is unable to find the image.

Although it has been successful for a while, the success rate is currently 5%.

It is understood as a function used by many people, but 5% does not seem to make sense.

Are there any issues you point out?

Your help is desperately needed.

Hi @kikb I took a screenshot of your image, and it works for me without any problems:


It would be helpful if you shared the macro/screenshot, as it would be easier to check that an action before the "if Then Else" action is not triggering your problem.

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It has taken me years to get really good with Find Image. There are many possible ways to misuse it. I'm sorry that you are having difficulties at the moment.

The first thing I want to ask is whether you mean that the image in your screenshot is found only 5% of the time, or if you mean images in general are found only 5% of the time. There's a big difference, and I can't tell from your post which you mean. Based on what I see in your image, I don't think that search would fail to work 95% of the time. But I didn't see how you created the image in the search box, so I can't be certain.

Sharing macros that use Find Image may not work on another person's computer, because of things like screen resolution.

I see you got a response from @appleianer . I think he's believing that you were talking about this macro, whereas I think you were talking about generally doing searches.

As a result of deleting other commands and executing only 'found image', it failed again.

What the hell would be the problem?

Should it be viewed as KM's error?

Or do you know how to reset the permission settings?

This error is really sad.

The exact meaning is that if you currently run 100 "found images", you will find the picture correctly 5 times.

I'm having a hard time with the "found image" function not working properly.

I imagine there has been discussion of this elsewhere, but if the colour temperature of the display is changing diurnally

(e.g. System Preferences > General > Appearance > Auto)

then presumably the target pixel values may not be be stable.

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Definitely not yet! I use Find Image all the time and it never fails finding images similar to the one that you seem to be using. In fact, @appleianer said that he tried your image, and it worked 100% of the time for himself. So if we're getting 100% right and you are getting 95% wrong, then most likely it's not KM's fault. Do you agree with that? What other explanation is there for it working for us but not working for you? If you let us guide you, there's a 95% chance we can solve your problem. That's a pretty good number, right?

To be honest, you didn't answer my question. My question was whether you are running those 100 found images on that very image in your screen shot, or if you are running them on different images. You said "if you current run 100 found images you will find the picture correctly 5 times." But my question was "which picture" and you still haven't answered that. So let me rephrase my question for you. Please put your macro into a For Each loop, to be run 100 times, and instead of saying Yes or No, Increment a variable for the number of times there's a match, and increment a variable for the number of times there is no match. Then when the loop completes, display those two variables. If you do this, then I will know the answer to my question, and then I will be able to ask the next questions that I have in mind.

That's a good theory. Maybe the wiki for Find Image should mention this.

I'm experimenting a lot.

Unfortunately, I didn't understand everything you were saying.

But I'm very impressed, I'm trying a lot, and if I succeed, I'll share the results.

For reference, this is an M1 MacBook Air.

We are trying to help. We want to be helpful. Let us know what you learn.

Find Image is very good once you master it.

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If you want me to explain anything I've said, or provide examples, I'd be happy to do it.

Whenever anyone helps someone else, it's always difficult to know how carefully to explain themselves. If they explain too much detail, that can be a problem (eg, insulting), but if they explain in too little detail, that can also be a problem (eg, confusing.) Striking the right balance is difficult.

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