'found image' macro in Keyboard Maestro work properly without a monitor

I'm planning to buy a Mac mini as a home server, so I don't intend to connect a monitor. I have a question: Can the 'found image' macro in Keyboard Maestro work properly without a monitor?

That may depend on how a "home server" works. Does the "home server" require that you login with a user account, or does the server run when no user is logged in? As far as I know, KM requires a user login. Apple used to sell an OS called "MacOS X Server", I think. It probably didn't require any user login, so in that case KM may not run at all. But I'm definitely not sure. Someone else should respond. I'm curious.

Thank you for your reply. I mentioned "home server," I simply meant it as a spare mac. It runs the latest regular operating system and has user login functionality, just like a typical Mac. The only difference is that it doesn't have a monitor. I operate this computer remotely using remote access software.

If you want KM to run from a remote login, then I doubt the answer will be yes, but if you are able to temporarily set up a monitor and login permanently via the macOS GUI, then I suspect the answer will be yes, even after you unplug the monitor.