"Found Image" Not working in Catalina

Many of my macros use the "Found Image" Action to locate a position on the screen and then move the cursor to it.

Seems like these are not working at all in Catalina with KM 9.0.3.

I get a notice that the macro was canceled because the image could not be found. (Notification Attached).

Anyone else seen this?00%20PM

Yes, this has been a recurring issue with Found Image actions in KM 9, even before Catalina was released. I believe that usually, changing the Found Image setting from "Unique" to "Best" fixes it.

Thanks @gglick. Unfortunately that didn't work for me. I also tried changing the "fuzziness" but that also was unsuccessful.

Well, I found a "buried" alert window asking for permission to allow Keyboard Maestro to "record my screen."

After going to System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> Screen Recording and enabling Keyboard Maestro, the issue is resolved.




Thanks for sharing. That must be another "security feature" Apple added for Catalina. It is not in Mojave.

The amount of permissions in Catalina is ridiculous...

"MacOs Vista"

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gglick, THANK YOU.... It seems all my "found image" macros were not working after Catalina... only had to change it to BEST and it works like it use to.

Is this a bug? Is there a way to have BEST be the default?

I don't know if it is technically a bug or not, but it is a change in Found Image behavior introduced by KM 9.

KM does not provide any means to set default values for Actions, but you can achieve this by using the great system by @DanThomas : MACRO: [KMFAM] Favorite Actions and Macros.

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The easy solution is to switch it to “best”, but it is not the best solution.

If “best” works, and if the best solution is significantly better than any other (which was required for it to work in version 8), then adjusting the fuzz and leaving it as “unique” is the correct solution.

Keyboard Maestro 8 did not have an option for best, it only had unique, but it relaxed the meaning of “unique” in the case where the best match was significantly better than all others. Keyboard Maestro 9 does not have this relaxed meaning, so you should adjust the fuzz to a level between the best match fizz and the next best, which should be easy to do since the match has to be significantly better than any other or it would not have worked before.

I think that is exactly what is causing a problem with so many users who had "Found Image" actions/conditions that worked very well for them in KM8, but suddenly failed upon upgrade to KM9.

Perhaps we need three settings for "Found Image":

  1. Unique
  2. Almost Unique (works just like KM8 Unique setting)
  3. Best

There might be a better term than "Almost Unique", maybe "Much Better than Others".

Given that, I would make #2 the default setting.

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Unique - Legacy (KM8)

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Even after changing "Unique" into "Best" KM complains that no unique image is found...

As a result, my macro is completely broken on Catalina :cry:

How to fix this?

Change it back to "unique", and adjust the "fuzz" slider to reduce the "fuzz" until a unique image is found.

Unfortunately no difference.

However, after running the macro several more times Catalina finally asked me whether KM is allowed to record the contents of the screen (I could not find a way to manually add it).

After allowing that, my macro worked with the original settings :smile: