Found Image stopped working. Works after replacing

I hav a macro that I tested thouroughly and now two days later it is not find some found images. I know there has been no change to the image itself. When I replace the image with a new screenshot, the action works again. It is as if the stored image in the action no longer works? Any ideas?
Found Image Issue Second Image doesnt work.kmmacros (41.8 KB)

I suspect something might have changed with your Mac. Is dark mode enabled? Different scaling / resolution? A shadow created by another window? There’s a lot of things that can make the image appear slightly different.

You can sometimes work around this by changing the slider for fuzziness in the find image action.

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Thanks for you ideas. I'm checking carefully but so far can't find any reason some of them stopped working. I did find a couple that stopped working because of a change in back ground color, so now I know to be very careful with that. I'll keep exploring and send what I find. Thanks.

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