Found Images Saved Location?

Hi all, are all found Images (originally dragged or pasted into KM) saved in the macro files themselves? I seem to remember long ago that this was not the case but has that changed?

Yes. They are all saved in the master monolithic macros plist file, in the TIFF format.
Since this single file contains all of your macros, you should minimize use of images.

So, instead of pasting images into the various find image actions/conditions, you might save the image to a file, and use that file:



Gotcha...good to know.
thank you JMichaelTX!

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I didn’t even know this was possible! This will be helpful to me for when a certain found image changes (due to certain websites layout changing and not being able to interface with said website using the Keyboard Maestro browser controls), and I need to update a certain image across several macros.

BTW, your help yesterday on my macro groups/palettes thread got me up and running quite nicely Thanks again for your great advice!

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