Fraction to decimal conversion

At the moment I use excel to quickly convert from a fraction odds in betting to decimal, e.g. 4/6 to decimal becomes 1.667.

The fraction is converted and then 1 is added to the result.

Just wondering. Am sure KM could do this. Any suggestions as to how to go about this? Ideally a permanently open pop up is what I would like to achieve.


You can use the Filter Variable: Calculate action to calculate “4/6” to 0.667, and then a Set Variable to Calculation action to add the 1.

So then it is just a question of getting the number into Keyboard Maestro and out again.

You could have a macro that copied the odds, did the calculation and then displayed the result (Briefly or Large perhaps).

Alternatively, you could have a permanently open Custom HML Prompt that let you enter the number and displayed the result. More effort to set up, but perhaps closer to what you’re after.