Frustrated Trying to Click Safari Buttons

I am frustrated from trying to click Safari browser buttons with KM. If it's a standard webpage with HTML buttons, no problem. But, that's the minority of useful pages these days. Many websites use PHP, .NET, JavaScript, and various other technologies to build pages. Time after time, I've started to control a page, only to find a button that I can't seem to click, no matter what I do. Is there some kind of guideline for this? KM isn't going to help me if it can only get 80% of the way there.

Rather than hope for general guidance you’d be better off looking for information specific to your actual problem. So I’d suggest you search these forums and see what other people have done and found. For example, a search for Click safari button will return 50+ results any number of which might be relevant to your specific needs. Failing that, why not say which website you’re having trouble with?