Fuji Photo management: Tagging raw files to indicate if an image has been converted from RAW, photoshopped, and published

Hi again KeyoardMaestro gurus :slight_smile:

Since Fuji raw photo files often require each picture to be developed individually (tailoring settings to suit, using applications like Iridient Developer) one challenge is recognising which images have been processed, in what stage of ‘production’, including whether I have an available camera jpg version also and/or whether I have used another program to convert it from RAW and that’s available as a tif file, perhaps the image has a psd copy because I processed it in PS, and ultimately if the image has ever been published and where.

All of these challenges could be resolved, in my mind by naming the files in a recognisable way and storing them in particular folders, monitoring these folders (Hazel? KBM triggers?) for similar file names and appending chosen tags to the raw file?

I store RAW files in one folder and psd, tif, jpg files elsewhere, mostly so that viewing photos is painless on other devices. I’m sure most people store images in various folders, but that does make it tiresome to determine where in the ‘production stage’ is each photo. Does anyone have an approach to address these things apart from a very good memory? I was thinking tracking similar file names/folder locations then tagging RAW files appropriately might be ingenious?

My question, I’m not aware of how for each RAW file I can monitor alternate directories for something that starts with that name?

In this folder:
This RAW file:
Might have KBM monitoring this folder:
for something starting with:
with this file extension:
& if so, tagging:
appending it with this Emoji:
So that when I look at _DSF1029.RAF I immediately know there is a TIF copy of the RAW file created in Iridient Developer.

I’m imaging files that look like _DSF1029.RAF :camera::camera_flash::gem:, say, telling me a story I recognise instantly, perhaps it has been converted from RAW in ID, exported as a jpg in LR, and published on Facebook. etc

Anyone have a view on this?