Full Control of Stream Deck With Better Touch Tool... Experiences?

I'm curious to hear experiences from anyone who's taken the plunge and switched the Stream Deck control from the native Elgato software to Better Touch Tool. (Still "Beta" at the moment)

I'm asking in this forum because I only want to hear from folk who are also using Keyboard Maestro. Thanks!


I have done so.
And I am happier with it than the Stream Deck software for my use case.
I trigger KM Macros with AppleScript.

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Thanks, good to know. Can Keyboard Maestro still update what is displayed on the buttons or does that have to be done through BTT now?

I think the updating has to be done through BTT. But I have not tested since I do not change the buttons that way.

It'd be great if you could designate a single profile to BTT control, as it would make programmatic profile switching easier for certain uses, but I'm not prepared to start from the ground up with BTT for everything.

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Agreed. But unlikely to be implented by Elgato.

I've got a two weeks break for the holiday, so it seemed like th time to try it out. I'll report back.


How did your tryout go @devoy?
I'm curious about this.

Two months sounds like a lot of time, doesn't it?

Apologies, I have not been able to address this. But I am more and more convinced that it's the way to go.
When I do something—besides procrastinate—I will certainly share.

Anyone else seeing "Corsair Memory, Inc" showing up in Ventura → Login Items → Allow in Background when it really seems to be the Stream Deck software?

After reading this thread I tried it but for me BTT worked very inconsistently in controlling the Stream Deck and even with just using the BTT Stream Deck plugin the macros worked so inconsistently that I moved everything to KM and trigger BTT macros through KM actions.