Fullscreen bug

Anyone else getting this in fullscreen mode?
MacOS Ventura 13.5
KM 10.2

I have no other reports, and don't get that appearance in 13.5.

Restart? Check Safe Boot mode in case it is some sort of extension/daemon?

Thank you for your suggestions Peter.

After trying restarting in safe mode, KM does not open, giving a "application not responding” message if I right-click the icon. After Force Quitting and trying to re-open it, I get a message saying "The Application Keyboard Maestro is not open anymore."

After trying restarting not in safe mode, KM opens as normal, but the white/colour-inverted window persists when in Full Screen.

This is not a big deal though.

Other things I should note:

  • Using system-wide Dark Mode

  • This is only happening to KM so far as I can tell, but I'm also using Rectangle Pro and BetterTouchTool which also affect UI/windows.

  • Searched system settings for anything that inverts colours, but none were on