Function Flip for Individual Function Keys

Most function keys are taken over by 'special features' on modern macs. E.g. F1 is brightness down, and F2 is brightness up.

There is an option to turn these keys 'back' into regular function keys in System Preferences. But you are forced to turn all the function keys back, and lose all 'special features'.

However, I want to use the 'special features' on some function keys, but not on others. I want to use F3, F4, F5, and F6 as hot key triggers for Keyboard Maestro, and use the remaining keys with their 'special features'.

There used to be an app called function flip which achieved this, but I don't think it is kept up to date anymore.

Is there any way of achieving this in Keyboard Maestro?



Hey Andy, this is very doable with Keyboard Maestro. I've attached a macro group that I use to accomplish this purpose for screen brightness and media keys. Below are screenshots of each macro in the group so you know what they do before installing.

Note that the screen brightness macros can be simplified by using just the decrease or increase actions, but I have it set up this way so I don't have to repeatedly hit the key if I want a large increase or decrease.

Function Keys (for export) Macros.kmmacros (13.6 KB)

Outside of native KM methods, Karabiner-Elements can do all sorts of wild key binding/customizations. It also presents some options in a very simple interface, like Function Keys:

There is a long list of options available to assign F1-F12 in a dropdown list for each key.

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