[Functionality Request] Using more than one hardware controller of the same type!

Hey Peter / guys !
First of all thanks for providing KM as such a powerful tool !
Coming from ControllerMate I had a hard time at first getting used to the pretty different way of thinking working with KM needs but now after a while I'm feeling better about how to realize what I want to accomplish most of the time.
But being a power-user of hardware controllers - especially XKeys units - I'd like to ask you for a kind of main feature that would be very valuable for me and maybe also for others:
Please make KM capable of distinguishing between several USB keyboard controllers of the same type ! I have several XK-80 and several XK-24 units I'm using at the same time on one machine - at least so far with CM on my old MacPro 5,1. CM could distinguish between units of the same "hardware type" - so pressing button 1 on unit A could be distinguished from button 1 on unit B hence obviously using them for separate triggers / macros. In KM the "learning incoming trigger" function detects the same button 1 for both units resulting in only one exact same trigger being possible no matter which button 1 I press....;-(
As far as I understand as the units show up in MacOS USB bus with separate IDs it should be possible to use that information for distinction....
CM also was not reliably capable of seeing which was which resulting in issues of sometimes confusing the two units and button 1 on unit A being detected as button 1 on unit B (I assume that was caused by the boot process which might connect one unit faster than the other randomly) but at least that could be solved by a hardware workaround of plugging in the units always in the right order after booting up the Mac...

Anyway.....would deeply appreciate this feature !!!!