FYI -- TextWrangler Fading into the Sunset -- BBEdit-Lite Taking the Stage Again

Hey Folks,

Just in case you haven’t heard.

TextWrangler will very soon be a thing of the past.

If you want a copy be sure to get one soon, and be aware that as 32-bit software it will no longer work on new versions of macOS after the next revision or two.

BBEdit has gone back to “Lite” and “Pro” versions, although they are now contained in the same software envelope.

When you first install BBEdit it will have all professional features enabled (for 30 days), and if you don’t register in that time it will revert to the BBEdit-Lite version.

BBEdit-Lite is significantly more powerful than TextWrangler, so it’s a net gain for unregistered users.

Everyone who works with and processes text on a Macintosh should have a copy of BBEdit on their system.

BBEdit is very powerful and is one of the most AppleScriptable applications available — it’s scriptability makes it particularly useful in conjunction with Keyboard Maestro.


[ I receive no compensation of any kind my endorsement. ]


And even in the Lite version, BBEdit will itself preview HTML files making it very handy for developing HTML prompts in Keyboard Maestro.

I’d also strongly recommend checking out Visual Studio Code. It’s an extremely flexible and configurable text editor.

I also use, and really like, VSC (which is totally free). So far, I have used it only for HTML and JavaScript coding. I use BBEdit for everything else that deals with text files. I really like the BBEdit RegEx engine and UI.

May I ask what all you are using VSC for?

Markdown, JavaScript, SQL Server scripts, a little PHP (but I have PHPStorm for that, usually) and CSS. A little C# (but I also have VS for that). Occasionally HTML.

It’s very cool to use it start up a Docker container running MS-SQL server, query and manage it, all on a Mac with no Windows running anywhere!

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