Generate mulitiple variables from clipboard


I have 33 lines of text in the clipboard.
Each line has a # as separator. All on the left of the separator should be variable name and all the right should be variable value.

This is an example of the text:

Adresse#Østergade 12
Alt leveret på én adresse#Off
Bemærkninger#Med de samme tekster m.v. som sidste år
Firmanavn#ANKER HØST registreret revisionsaktieselskab
Indv. A4 kalender Dansk Revision#Off
Indv. A4 kalender antal#
Indv. A4 kalender datotekster#Off
Indv. A4 kalender farvetilretning#Off
Indv. A4 kalender farvetilretning tekst#
Indv. A4 kalender øvrige ønsker#Off
Indv. A4 kalender øvrige ønsker tekst#
Indv. bordkalender Dansk Revision#Off
Indv. bordkalender antal#
Indv. bordkalender datotekster#Off
Indv. bordkalender farvetilretning#Off
Indv. bordkalender farvetilretning tekst#
Indv. bordkalender øvrige ønsker#Off
Indv. bordkalender øvrige ønsker tekst#
Julekort antal#
Julekort hilsen#Off
Julekort motiv#Off
Kontaktperson#Jens Erik Ager
Konvolut med logo + PP påtryk#Off
Std. A4 kalender antal#100
Std. A4 kalender farve#Blå
Std. bordkalender antal#
Std. bordkalender farve#Off
Vi sender#Off

I have tried to use the Search Clipboard action with this regular expression:

But this does not help me setting the variable name.

Does anyone have some tips on what to do?

Use the For Each action to iterate through the lines.

Use the Search Variable action to break the line into two parts.

Use the Set Variable to Text action to set the variable. As of 7.0, you can use %Variable%VarName% as the target variable of the Set Variable to Text action.

Thanks, Peter.
I thougt about that route but could not see how I could set the name of the variable.
Version 7 is a very good upgrade.

But before setting the variable name I just had to clean up the string, so characters not supported in variable names was not present (-æøå and others).

Variable names can have non ascii characters. Not - or . though. Hmm, no, apparently they are supposed to be allowed, but they are in fact not allowed.

I will fix that for 7.0.2.

In which case the following would work:

In the mean time, you'll have to use ASCII (or there about) variable names.