Geo Location Trigger?

Dear KM enthusiasts

As far as I know there is no geo location trigger in KM. Maybe that could be useful to set an action each time you reach (or leave) a certain geo location?
I do not know if that is technically possible, just as an idea.

Thank you for your suggestions –

One possibility would be to try the "Wireless Network Trigger". At the location where you know a wireless network @weberwa.

Thank you, @appleianer, good (additional) idea.

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I am aware of three possible "solutions" (besides SSID, which is probably the most reliable, assuming unique SSIDs in each location).

  1. Location Helper which can be used with AppleScript in order to get your location.

  2. whereami which I found on a StackExchange answer a few years ago and have been using since. (There is also a similar-but-different whereami on GitHub but it appears to be abandoned and broken, and I don't know how to fix it.)

  3. locateme which can be installed via brew install locateme and which has a variety of output options.

All of these work on Mojave, once applicable permissions have been granted/. Can't say whether Catalina will break anything or not.

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