Get Current File Name

I'm creating a work around for a bug in the app Finale.
It gets confused when creating a PDF, and swaps the current filename out for the name of a random minimized window in the dock.

The goal is to create a macro that pastes the correct name as the PDF is created.

My Question:
Is there an elegant method to get the file name of the front window?
Right now I'm opening the Save All... menu and copying it from there, butthere must be a cleaner method.

I don't know if this will help but while stepping through playlists in VLC I often want to delete the file that's playing and this is how I get its name:

KM 0 2020-08-19_13-31-45

As I don't have Finale I can't try it out.

I cannot find this action, so as a novice KM wizard, where is it or do I have to ask Dumbledore?

It's a plugin - located here:


Thank heavens Dumbledore (@MikeMcC) replied 'cos I couldn't find it either!!

I can get this to work with VLC, but alack, not with Finale

Have a look at this discussion - it may help you: more than I can :wink:

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Thanks! that's the one!

I spoke too soon.
None of those scripts are working for me
I expect the cause is the same as the bug I'm trying to work around in the first place!

Well you’re persistent- just like this bug! Maybe it’s time to report it to Finale support if you haven’t already?

Way ahead of you.