Get File - Move File - Rename File

Hello all.

I'm an absolute beginner with Keyboard Maestro (1 day so far), so I would appreciate all the help I can get.
Primarily, I've purchased KM to help me download and process CSV files on a daily basis.
Amazingly, I've already figure out what I thought would be the hard part of the workflow - which is to login to Netsuite, open specific pages that run diverse reports and download those reports to a dedicated folder.
So far so good.

Where I'm having difficulty is with what I presumed would be the easy part - Moving and Renaming files.
Within the download folder, I have created another folder (via KM) based on 'Short Date', which reflects the date of the download.
Now I'd like to move the files out of the Download Folder into the newly created date folder and rename each file with a specific nomenclature.
This is where the proverbial Brick-Wall rears its head.
I understand the use of variables, but I don't yet know what the correct syntax is for their use.
I realise that I will have to extract path names and possibly filenames, but all of the topics I've found so far seem far too complicated for what appears to be a simple measure.
Many resort to Applescript or point to using additional apps which I have zero experience with.

Would somebody please be kind enough to explain what the correct workflow should be from the point in time where the files land in the download folder, what specific actions should be utilised and also the correct use of the necessary variables and / or paths?
This has to be fully automated with no user intervention as the macro will be running at around 05:00 hours each day.

All suggestions and pointers are greatly received.

Kind regards.


Hi welcome to Keyboard Maestro
search forum for do loops
and while loops
and collections

everyone finds tokens and variables confusing


and try
Keyboard Maestro Forum renaming files in folder in google

Hello Jonathon.

Many thanks for taking the time and putting in the effort to get me underway.
I will most certainly have a look at the topics you have suggested and hopefully all will fall into place.

Kind regards.


you could use a Folder Trigger:

and hopefully these threads will give you a head start:

the important part to rename files is Split Path

Hello and thanks to those that put effort into helping me get started. It's much appreciated.
I've managed to solve my initial headaches and the macro now sees that the files are downloaded, renamed and moved to the appropriate newly created folder as desired.

The next problem is to work out how to extract attachments from my Outlook account and save them to the aforementioned new folder - if anyone knows a way to achieve this, I'm all ears :smiley:

Kind regards.


glad it worked out, you'll get better answers if you create a new thread, and upload your macro and screenshots as well.
Also upload screenshots of your macro in this thread to help any other users that might need help with a similar task so they know how to solve it.