Get lines from txt file and paste with tab between

I'm trying to use the macro found here to grab a list from a text file and paste the lines in the file one at a time to fields in another program with a tab after each entry. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

The purpose is to have a collection of txt files that I can call upon to fill fields depending on what dataset I need.

When I run the macro I have the first field activated and then select the txt file. After that it says "source is not a full path objc (1260) ClassFinderSyncExtensionHost..." and I can't see the rest :slight_smile:

[FILE] Process Lines in Text File and Type with tab.kmmacros (14.1 KB)

The file is a standard .txt file and has 8 lines of text although it will vary depending on the content needed.

Found my answer (I Think) here.

I turned of "Include Errors" in the AppleScript and it's working now.