Get Logic Pro Project Info: Tempo / Time Signature / Plugins Used


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Logic - Tag BPM/Time Signature

Demo Video

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Tags selected projects with their BPM and Time Signature in the following formats:

BPM: 120
TimeSig: 4/4

Logic - Tag Plugin (beta)

Tags selected projects which contain a certain plugin in the format:

Plugin: Pro-Q 3

NB: This performs a case-sensitive search, so "pro-q 3" won't return any results. The data searched is untranslated binary gobbledigook, so there are lots of strings of random characters. Therefore, if the plugin name you're searching for is short (e.g. XLN Audio's "XO"), there's a chance it could return false-positives if "XO" happens to appear in the garbled data. Hence beta. This may become more reliable with a little help from @beely. Watch this space...

Logic - Tag Search

Prompts for attributes to search, generates a search string and uses it to search for tagged files in Finder.


Yes, I should have something soon. My prototype is a php script that generally runs in the terminal, but I'll do a KM macro to run it and support the various options as necessary, as I'm sure that will be a preferred front end for us KM enthusiasts! :wink:


So great! Another Logic + KM user here.

Thanks much for posting!