Get Position of the Last Mouse Click

Is there a way to find the position of the last mouse click?

I'm trying to build a work around for a bug in Finale
where a menu item is not available if you "click" a handle,
but it is available if you "lasso" the handle.

(If I can locate the last click position, I could create a small click and
drag to lasso the same spot, and then this buggy menu will appear)

Yes, you can get the position of a mouse click.

You can, for example, trigger a macro everytime you do a left click:
Screen Shot 2021-02-14 at 3.51.14 PM

and inside that macro, add an action to get the mouse coordinates:


That seems like a lot of resources for a small problem.
Will firing a macro every mouse click not slow everything down eventually?

Hey Mike,

Do you just need to find the coordinates of a widget in Finale?

Or do you actually need to monitor the mouse cursor/click?


I was trying to get the last click.

I managed to do that, but the lasso idea takes too long to complete.

So the project is abandoned until Finale can fix the bug

But thanks

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