"Get" Shortcut? Or Change the 5 Second Pause?

There's more than once place to find go and get.

Where exactly are you working?

What specific action?

Yes. I used to work with another software that wasn't so deep this is why I switched in KM.

Different modules sharing a "get" type button that works with a shortcut. Same for all the modules that have this button. was very easy to get X,Y.

Now I have to run to go to a point instead of focusing on accuracy.

Are you talking about changing the Get time? If so, you can adjust the get mouse location delay by using the Mac OS Terminal:

For example - If you want 9 seconds instead of 5, type the below:

defaults write com.stairways.keyboardmaestro.editor MouseGetCountdown -int 9

Is this what you are talking about?


i would prefer a shortcut but as it not an option more time working to! thank you so much kcwhat

You can make one. :slight_smile:


Or maybe I'm not understanding the issue.


what i did wrong Screen Shot 2022-12-11 at 18.08.57

What's that? Did you type it wrong? Looks like there was no defaults write before your input.

I meant a shortcut for "get", for the selected module each time, but that helps a lot to change faster the time every time need it.

Sorry bad copy paste, now working fine.

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If you're trying to get mouse locations there are a number of ways go go about it.

  • You can use the Get button.
  • You can use the Keyboard Maestro Editor's Window > Mouse Display function.
  • You can build your own macro to get the location on demand.
    • I believe there's one in included in the the KME's Library: “Display Current Mouse Position”
    • One of several such macros on the forum [link].

sorry for my silly question where i could find this function?


I tried different duration but still counting 5

Screen Shot 2022-12-11 at 18.30.41

Untitled-Animated Image (Large)

But as the timer is same for the Get button in every action that using it, why a shortcut is not an option that will working for the chosen action each time? Imho is the fastest way to leave your mouse in the spot you like and press the shortcut

So the duration change works for move and click but not under the pixel selection using the if statement action. Interesting. I don't know how to change that one. The other one works though. Someone else will have to chime in or a question to the developer may help. Email support@stairways.com.

Try quitting and re-opening Keyboard Maestro after you make the change -- many apps require that after a defaults command.

You've got KM -- you can write a macro to create your own shortcut. For example:

Put Pointer Position in Action.kmmacros (3.3 KB)


Put the insertion point into the first position field in the action, put the pointer wherever you need it, then run the macro by hotkey and it will fill in the numbers for you.



defaults write com.stairways.keyboardmaestro.editor MouseGetCountdown -int 10

Apparently fails to adjust other Get buttons such as get pixel in the IF-THEN action.

so maybe this why Get cant have shortcut because is different in every action.

that was my first move after executed the command

How it could work with if then else, that capture also pixel color in my case?

If you don't need to dig through menus it would be easier to position the pointer then fire a macro that clicks the action's "Get" button then returns the pointer to where you had it:

Auto-Get Pixel Under Mouse.kmmacros (20.7 KB)


If you do need to dig through menus then probably better to show the menu then capture the values to a text window and manually enter them into the action:

Get Pixel Position and Colour.kmmacros (3.2 KB)


There are probably other ways, but it would vary by situation.


Correct. It applies to the mouse Get, it does not apply to the Get for Pixel.

There is no current way to change that one.

You could use the Terminal command:

sleep 10; screencapture -c

and then use the image from the screen capture to get the pixel color.

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Oh good sir Nige_S, not only saved me you opened me a whole New window to solve other similar things :pray:t2: .

And if I could take advance of kcwhat suggested command:

With -int1 it would be near to actual shortcut, time based, but unfortunately doesn't affect the Get button neither to move and click action, still countdown is 5

With the first macro I am good and I change it to found image condition. But I will keep it in my library.

Really thank you and everyone for the fast suggestions.