Getting a "Permission Denied" Error When Trying to Execute Python Script

I am trying to create a macro that executes a Python script and pastes the results.

However whenever I activate the macro it is unable to run the script with a "Permission denied" error.

I am not sure which permission it is referring to since in my script I am only reading from stdin and not using any 3rd party libraries.

I also made sure that Keyboard Maestro has Full Disk Access in Systems Settings. Any other ideas?

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Reading what?

Keyboard Maestro's Execute a Shell Script action is a black box script runner and cannot perform any user interaction.

Zip your script and post a copy.

  • What version of Keyboard Maestro?
  • What version of macOS?


As well as @ccstone's points above...

Have you made the file on your Desktop "executable"? It looks like you are using the "Execute a Shell Script" action to open a script file rather than putting your script in the action itself.

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Ah thank you, the issue was that I had forgot to mark the script as executable. Thanks very much!

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