Getting (Details Of) Calendar Events to Run Automations On

Hello all,

I have a fairly complex calendar, and I want to make sure all my meetings are correct. I want to create the following automation:

  1. Check my calendar for all events tomorrow
  2. Filter events that begin with "Meeting with"
  3. Get the details of the event (title, start time, description, invitees)
  4. Send an email to someone confirming that they'll be able to make the meeting, including details from the start time and description

Is this possible with KM alone? Or will I need to use an AppleScript to get details of my calendar?


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I don't thing it is possible with KM.
And the Apple Calendar does NOT provide good scripting support.
It is possible, but you have to access the underlying database that Calendar uses. AppleScript can do this with ASObjC, but it is very complex.

So, let's start here: Are you locked in to use Apple Calendar?
There are other calendars, like the Outlook Calendar, that are very scriptable.
In fact, all of Outlook's sub-apps are very scriptable. Outlook Mail is much more scriptable than Apple Mail.

Of course, thee are other calendars. Do you have a choice?

I'm dealing with the same issue, and I do have Outlook running Office 365 for my calendar. I haven't found a good resource of AppleScript options for outlook. Anything you can point to, that I might have missed?

Neither have I.
I have a small collection of scripts that I've written for some very specific uses, so if you have a particular need let me know and I'll see if I have anything that would help.

You can also do a Google Search on "AppleScript Outlook" to see a number of hits.

I'l check it out, thanks!

Hi guys - I came across this thread whilst looking for a solution for my challenge, which is the OPs point 1 above. So just getting a list of all appointments for a particular day from Outlook.

If I can do this only in KM that would be great, or alternatively with Python. I'm clueless when it comes to AppleScript, but if this is the easiest way to go I'd be happy to take the advice.