Getting Dropbox Share Links into KM (no public folder)

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to silently access Dropbox’s share link in a KM macro. In other words, I’d like to replicate the functionality of clicking the “Share Dropbox Link” of a file in the finder without requiring the user to actually manually do the clicking. I had a functioning version of this using the Public folder because the URLs there are predictable, but I’d like multiple people at my company to use this, and those of them with newer non pro dropbox accounts don’t have public folders. The nearest i’ve come so far is revealing the file in finder (and i suppose i could make it click as well) but im hoping there’s some way to get at it via applescript or something. Anyone have any ideas?

I’m also looking for this functionality. Is there anyway who knows how to do it?

Hey Guys,

Scope this out. (Remember it is a link to the original post, and you can expand it or go to the original thread.)

T.J.'s link to the shell script method is the only way I know of offhand to do this. It does take some effort to set up, and therefore I haven't bothered – since the public folder method works well enough for me.