Getting Focus Field in Chrome and Safari to work?

I want to have several webpages use the same key command to put focus on the search field. I'll use the Amazon website for this example since everyone can get it, but I also need it for several other sites that I use a lot.

I set this up a few weeks ago but now it appears that it does not work and I can't figure out why.

This is a screen capture of the webpage and the field that I am trying to get focus on:

The macro I have created is simple:

I created a group that says that I want the macro to be available in Chrome (my normal browser) and if the window title contains "amazon".

The macro I built used the pull-down menu in KM that used to (does not now) show the fields available in the active webpage.

Now, there is no dropdown menu of fields...I get "No Form Fields Found"

And as I mentioned, this worked fine a week or so ago. I read that sometimes Chrome is "flaky" but I also tried with Safari with the same results.

I'm sure I'm doing something wrong, but I don't know what. Thanks for your help.

I really like your idea -- making the Mac standard search hotkey work on as many web sites as possible.

Your approach is working fine for me.
I'm running Google Chrome 57.0.2987.133 (2987.133) on macOS 10.11.6.

Have you tried the standard fixes:

  1. Restart Chrome
  2. Restart KM Engine
  3. Restart your Mac

I wonder if the issue is that I’m on Chrome Beta? I can try to downgrade my browser - I did not think of that. I did restart Chrome, Mac and KM engine to no avail.

That was it…the macro does not work with Chrome Beta. I downgraded and all is well with my macro. Thanks for your help.

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Even though the non-Beta version of Chrome works fine now with KM, it would be nice to be able specify that the url of the front window contains a value, rather than the title of the front window.

Now that it’s working again, I notice that pages on Amazon do not all have Amazon in the window title, but all have “amazon” in the url.

Thanks for your help - is it possible to specify to use the url of the front window to enable an action?

After a suggestion from cstone, I now created a new macro that uses the URL of the front Chrome window to activate the search field appropriate for that page.
Works great and let’s me add additional sites using the same hotkey.

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