Getting Growl notifications in 7.0 that were absent in the last version of 6

I just upgraded to 7.0 and I am finding that I am getting really annoyed by certain Growl notifications that were never triggered in 6. For example I have a key command that calls a menu item and the menu item has different names depending on the state of the session (this is Pro Tools). my fix in 6 was to assign the key command to each menu item state and the macro worked fine. now I get a notification that the macro has failed when in fact it’s fine. I’m sure this is a feature but its annoying me like a bug.

You can remove the notification for the action in the macro.
Click the gear icon to the right. Disable “Notify on failure”.
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Also note that you can use options in the Select Menu Item action:


thanks for letting me know how moderate the growl setting. Peter, I don’t see the ‘Option’ thing - where do I look?

Hey Vordo,

The vertical bar in Peter’s answer separates the different possible options in the menu-item-name.

Edit > Find > Find|Find All

Menus also support regular expression by prefacing the text with the Caret character (^).

Edit > Find > ^Find( All)?


Cool - I’ll try that out. Thanks!