Getting key IDs from Stream Deck

Finally got convinced a Stream Deck could be nice set up for my (now home) office. Especially the direct connection to hue is really nice.

Tinkering around with folders bit me a bit though. Going into a folder of buttons, the ID they send to Keyboard Maestro is always the row and the column. Which in the folder is then potentially the same as in the “home” page. Although you can specify your own ID for a key, Keyboard Maestro seems to ignore it.

Am I missing something?

I am using the Webpage option in the StreamDeck and using the URL to trigger KM macros. this way I can move buttons around without having to worry about those row/col numbers.

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In that vein I’m using AppleScript to tell the KM engine to run a macro. (Wishing I could do this with Metagrid, but that’s a different story.)

@MartinPacker and @stephenll you both should check out the KM Link Stream Deck plugin. It will let you do this more easily. I use it for all my KM macros unless I need two-way communication.

My favorite feature of the KMLink plugin is that it will show a list of my macros, and it will put the most recently edited macro at the top of the list, so that it is very easy to find and assign.


I am running into this too, and am trying to learn if it’s possible to use that ID (and if so, how).

In the meantime, the KMLink plugin for Stream Deck makes it very easy to assign a Stream Deck button to any KM macro, even if the KM macro has no idea it is being used on the Stream Deck. The only time that I don’t use it is if there’s something I need KM to send to the Stream Deck (like for my Upcoming Calendar Items on Stream Deck macros.

But 99% of my KM and Stream Deck use is just as simple triggers, which KMLink does more easily than the official one.

And the good news is that you don’t have to choose which one to use. You can use them both!

Aah. I only used it the other way around: a Stream Deck key press as a trigger in the KM macro. I have to try that (when I’m back home again after the weekend).

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Right. I’m not sending anything to the StreamDeck (and I can’t send anything to Metagrid.)